Posted by: Andrea | April 20, 2011

Encouraging our Kids

Do you remember being in middle school/junior high? Do you remember the constant state of awkwardness, never thinking you were good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, etc? Remember all the friend and boy/girl drama? Gosh, I do! And I’ve been especially remembering it the past couple of days as I’ve had one conversation after another with multiple students (mostly girls) who are feeling overwhelmed with insecurity and school drama.

As I’ve been talking things out with these sweet kids, I’ve shared with them about my own middle school experiences and how normal and valid their feelings are. I’ve felt an incredible stirring in my heart to remember how much these kids (girls and boys both) need to regularly be reassured how special and valuable they are, just the way they are. I take it for granted some times, but through these recent conversations God has clearly reminded me that these kids have been placed in my life for a reason, and one of those reasons is to encourage them in any way possible, as often as I can.

When we take the time to encourage the children and teenagers in our lives, we have to remember that ours might be the only positive voice they’ve heard all day…maybe even all week. I just want to pass on the challenge and reminder I’ve been given today to please take a minute to speak life into the kids and teenagers in your life. They need to hear it much more than we can imagine, and we never know when our simple words might be said to them at just the right moment, at just the right time in their lives, to make a difference that will last forever.


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